Solar Power (Photo Voltaic)


  Grid-tie Power Systems (220Volt/380Volt)

Solar Perfection is your solar power systems integrator. Offering market leading solar products and services that give you peace of mind and maximum benefits. From engineering solutions to energy audits, we give turnkey solutions for your solar projects. Our solar power systems include solar power systems for homes and commercial solar power plants.


DC power generated from the PV modules is converted from a

fluctuating DC voltage to 220V/380V grid connected power. Grid

systems do not store energy and thus do not have backup. If grid

failure occurs no power will be produced from the system. Grid

systems are easy to monitor and measure performance as there

are no storage losses. Grid inverters are very efficient and very

few losses will occur in high quality grid systems.


- Most cost effective PV solution

- No energy storage losses

- Easy to monitor system production and performance

- Very high conversion efficiencies

- Simple installation


- No backup power


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