Kwikot Solar Waters Heaters


   About Kwiksol:

There are very few companies in South Africa that can boast that they have been in existence for over 100 years. Kwikot, the market leaders and market innovators in domestic and industrial hot water storage systems and low pressure solar systems, was established in 1903 and prides it’s self for achieving this unique milestone.


This achievement has come about by manufacturing high-quality products, a sustained new product development program and the dedication and willingness of its employees. There is no doubt that Kwikot has become a household name in hot water storage systems over many years.


To illustrate the company’s commitment to product quality, it was the first company to manufacture electric water heaters to the South African National Standards specification (SANS 151), previously the South African Bureau of Standards and was the first company to obtain the SABS 600kPa mark of approval. The company has been associated with the South African Bureau of Standards for over 50 years.


  Domestic Solar Water Heaters and Accessories

Kwikot Domestic Solar Water Heaters comply with SANS 1307, is SABS 400kPa approved and can be installed as a close coupled or split system.


Installations are to comply with SANS 10106 Solar Water Heater Installation Specifications and with all the required installation components. The lightweight Kwiksol Solar Collector Panels or highly effective Kwikot Solar Vacuum Tubes, offers maximum absorption efficiency and can be installed as a direct or indirect system. Kwikot Kwiksol Heat Transfer Fluid is used in diluted form in an indirect system, to prevent freezing to the solar collector panel/s.



Quality and Certification

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