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  Multi Hybrid Systems

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This system consists of 2 alternative energy systems working

together. An island system secures backup power to the

“essential” appliances. A Grid-connected system feeds power

to both the essential and non-essential appliances. The

topology of a multi hybrid system allows it to function as a full

island system under grid failure, ensuring an unlimited power

supply to all the essentials. As the grid-connected PV system is

usually sized to serve both the essential and non-essential

appliances, it is well over-sized in case of grid failure to supply

the essential appliances. As the batteries will only cycle in case

of grid failure, standby batteries can be used that can achieve

similar life to that of cyclic batteries but are far more cost

effective. Battery backup is then only sized for essential

appliances and therefore significantly less than typical off-grid



- Reliable supply for essential appliances

- Batteries will not be cycling if grid power is available

- Battery backup is only for essential equipment resulting in a

   reduced battery bank

- Standby batteries in this application can achieve similar

   life to cyclic batteries in a cyclic application

- Expandable in both the island and grid capacities

- Surplus power is fed back into the grid and not dissipated as in

   island systems

- Essential appliances can be selected and added



-  If grid power is available



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