Solar Power (Photo Voltaic)


  Off-Grid Power Systems (220Volts/380 Volts)

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Energy Generated from the PV modules is used by inverters to

produce 220Vac power. Surplus power is stored in the batteries

to ensure power availability when usage exceeds PV

production. Battery storage is sized in order to achieve about 3

days autonomy. As the batteries will be working on a daily

basis, cyclic batteries should ideally be used . The Victron Multi

and Quattro island systems are true hybrid inverters. True

hybrid inverters have the ability to select how it will interact

with grid supply. If grid supply is in the form of national grid, a

true hybrid inverter can be programmed to ignore the

dedicated supply and only accept due to low battery or load

exceeding inverter specification. In the case of generator

supply it can manage the generator and can be programmed

not to overdraw the generator. True hybrid inverters are

expandable in parallel and three phase.


- Grid independence

- Expandable into parallel or three phase

- Reliable power supply with grid/generator backup



-  Batteries will be cycling on a daily basis

- Once battery capacity is reached power generated by the

   PV system is dissipated

- Battery capacity needs to ensure autonomy for about 3 days


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