Solar Water Heating.


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   Solar Water Heating comprises of:

Retro Fit


Split-active Direct

The sun is always shining in South Africa. Whether it’s spring, summer autumn or winter; the sun is always shining and its energy is always there for the taking. This fact begs the question: Why are you paying money every month to heat your water?


Did you know that, in an average household, an electrical geyser can account for about 70% of your total electricity bill? In monetary terms, that means that on a monthly electricity bill of R1 000.00, R700.00 could be the cost of running your geyser for the month! This fact begs another question: Why haven’t you switched over to solar water heating yet?


Making the switch over to solar water heating can result in you saving 30 – 70% of your monthly electricity bill – a saving which would be of huge benefit to you and your family.


So how do you go about converting to solar, and what does it entail?


Solar water heating basically comprises of three options: A retrofit conversion on your existing geyser, a new split-active direct system or a new thermosyphon system. These systems have their differences and each of them has their own pros, information on this is explained on our solar water heating terminology page.


To top it all off, the Department of Energy has a nation-wide goal of one million solar water heating installations by the close of the 2014 / 2015 financial year and an even bigger goal of five million solar water heating installations by the year 2030. Because of this, Eskom is offering the general public, and even large corporations, a rebate for every solar water heating system installed. These rebates range from R2 998.00 for a 100 ltr indirect Nobel Hyperion thermosyphon system to R10 757.00 for a 300 ltr direct / indirect thermosyphon system.


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