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   About Solsquare:

Solsquare is your solar power systems integrator. Offering market leading solar products and services that give you peace of mind and maximum benefits. From engineering solutions to energy audits, we give turnkey solutions for your solar projects. Our solar power systems include solar power systems for homes and commercial solar power plants.


Solsquare is an engineering partner that presents you with a solution for your projects, in partnership with Solar Perfection our expertise lies in planning, commissioning and executing of your projects,it is a trademark of Solsquare to deliver the best service and product possible. We break down your energy usage and because it works – the sun does not send you an electricity bill.


As the only African Solar System Integrator, we are committed to ensuring that solar power becomes the basis of our children’s power supply. To achieve, we offer solar solutions for our discerning customers that take into account the varying energy needs found in Africa from pure cost-reduction to energy independence and home solar systems.


In Africa, solar power already is profitable and, at the same time, a dedicated contribution towards the mitigation of climate change. You can produce your own electricity and no longer be stressed by Eskom’s electricity price hikes.


  Quality German Engineered

Quality is not a “nice-to-have”!!


It is the trademark of Solsquare to deliver the best service and product possible. We offer products “Engineered in Germany”, tested and approved by relevant testing bodies such the German TÜV for our PV systems and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) in the case of our solar geysers. Solsquare solar solutions offer long product warranties (up to 10 years) and performance warranties (up to 25 years). Through the selection of partners that prioritize quality we can offer a focus on quality right from the source of each of our products up to your roof.


We do understand quality is not just found in products but in everything we do. Solsquare stands for quality before, during and after our installations. We strive to build, maintain and honor your trust.



Quality and Certification

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